Porto Santo

São Vicente

Fresh air and imposing landscapes

São Vicente is a council which has known many transformations. The arrival of new accessibilities with the new roads and tunnel connecting the South and North sides of the island have made it closer to the capital, Funchal. Before, the connections were difficult and many holiday homes gathered there, of aristocratic families and great landlords who in the summer preferred to breathe the fresh air of the North Coast. It was called the “Corte do Norte” (northern court) due to the elite who landed there in the summer, so São Vicente gained status.

Its fertile land for agriculture, the cultivated ‘fajãs’ (very fertile land that results from huge landslides) and the vineyards which now produce grapes for the new table wines, are constantly renewed each year in the midst of an imposing landscape of outstanding beauty where one can also see that life here was not always easy.

It has good hotels on offer and a Volcano Centre which explains how the island was formed geologically. Not to be missed!