Porto Santo


The largest locality in Madeira Archipelago

Calheta is the largest locality in the archipelago. It lives off agriculture, predominantly banana plantations. It used to be known for its sugar cane plantations and there are still mills standing that testify that, but nowadays only a small amount is planted mainly to feed the local mill-museum, where the story and process of treacle and rum in Madeira is told and the primitive machines are put to work to show how it was all done.

The whole coast line of Calheta is very inviting. There is an artificial yellow sand beach which draws thousands of visitors, and also a small harbour and two medium sized hotels.

The Casa das Mudas is a building which houses temporary exhibitions of paintings and sculptures and other artistic events and is a landmark of the contemporary art scene for those who visit the council, twisting through mountains and valleys with magnificent views of the spellbinding landscape.