Porto Santo


First captainship on the island

Machico was the first captainship on the island. It was here that the first Portuguese settlers sent by the Crown in Lisbon came to colonise the island.

It has exceptional conditions for the fixation of population in an immense valley in the middle of which runs the Ribeira de Machico, which caused terrible floods in its riverbed in the past. On the banks the best and most comfortable homes were built. As the easternmost council it integrates a diversification project which includes an Industrial Tax Free Zone and the Caniçal Freight Port.

The second centre of the tourism and hotel industry in Madeira was born here in Machico forty years ago. It lost its power with the closure of one of the biggest resorts in the area, Matur Tourist City, but there are still big hotels in the council for the many tourist who use it as a base for exploring the island from the Eastern side. There are many paths and levada walks in the area which invite you to a more intimate conversation with Nature.