Porto Santo

Ponta do Sol

Where the sun shines all year round

Ponta do Sol, as its name indicates, is one of the sunniest spots on Madeira, with most hours of sun all year round. Lugar de Baixo, which is by the sea, is considered the place with the best climate on the island with the most stable and highest temperature.

The many banana plantations that dominate the landscape make it a very green council. As along the rest of the coast of Madeira there are lots of modern houses built by immigrants who come here on holidays.

This western side of the island in Ponta do Sol has superior standard hotels on offer with a strong cultural side which has been developed in recent years, with the invitation of several international artists to perform and exhibit here.

This locality has an excellent position and is a good choice for visitors who enjoy trekking along paths and small waterways (levadas) to explore the wonders of nature along the way.